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Rosa and Scott’s Wedding at Wolf Lakes

This past week I had the wonderful pleasure of capturing the memories at Rosa and Scott’s Wedding. The wedding took place at Wolf Lakes in Sanger, CA. It is an incredibly beautiful location for a wedding. Beautiful gardens, a lakeside venue, and a wonderful staff to insure the day is everything the couple dreams it could be.

The first one dressed and ready on the wedding day was the couples daughter Kayla. She and I went for a walk while everyone else was still getting ready. Here’s one of my favorite shots from that walk.


After my walk with Kayla I spent some time with the guys. Here’s my favorite shot of Scott with the groomsmen.


I always try and have a good 30-60 minutes alone with the wedding couple. I want to be able to provide them with beautiful images they can display in their home, or feature in an album. Here are some of my favorite images of Rosa and Scott.
We were on our way to the dock for some photographs, when Scott reached down and swept Rosa off of her feet. He carried her all the way to the dock. I thought it was rather romantic, until he pretended to throw her in the lake….lol


Once on the dock, I was able to capture some beautiful images. Rosa and Scott had practiced the “almost kiss” in their engagement session. Woohoo, boy did they get it right on the dock! I LOVE this shot!

There’s a vine covered walkway at Wolf Lakes that’s really neat when it’s lit up at night. I stole Rosa and Scott away from the reception for a few to take some more shots of just them. Here they are dancing in the walkway.


Some of the last moments I spent with Rosa and Scott were in the courtyard next to the fountain. As much as I loved the photograph and the moment that took place…I love the “art” version of the moment even better. This is the photo that was taken by the fountain.


This is the art version, but to me it still didn’t seem finished.


Here’s the final version of the art piece. I have been waiting for just the right image to use on a Metal Mural sample. Soon, this should be in my studio as a 4’x3′ Metal Mural!

Rosa and Scott, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day! I can’t wait for you to see the rest of the images.

A big thank you also to the staff of Wolf Lakes. They did an amazing job of making the evening a wonderful memorable event!


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Seeing Double!

I had the privilege of having twin baby boys in for a sitting this last week! While the boys were getting bottles, I got to capture a few moments with their big sisters…..

When it was the boys turn, we started with the twins together in a bean bag. Working with twins is not just double the challenge, I think it’s more like triple…but well worth it.

I wanted to be sure and get some individual shots of each boy. Here’s just Joe

OOPS…….Joe caught in the act. And people laugh when they hear me joke that it’s a good day at work when I don’t get peed on.

And here’s Nathan alone. His face lit up with a smile each time mom would touch his precious little face.

Nathan being kissed by big sister……

Trying to get both brothers asleep at the same time was quite a challenge! Joe fell asleep first, but Nathan was still WIDE awake!

Yes! Success! They were both asleep for all of 3 minutes!

We finished the day with a few portraits with all 4!

It was a pleasure getting to work with these little ones! I love my job!

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Carmen and Scott got married!

Congratulations to Carmen and Scott!
Once again this past Saturday I had the joy of capturing the memories from a wedding. The wedding and reception were both held at The Victorian Gardens of Two Sisters in Kingsburg. It is an absolutely beautiful location. The owners are great to work with.

I started off the day taking a few bridal portraits of Carmen. Isn’t she gorgeous?

After Carmen it was the guys turn. They wanted to have a bit of fun with their pictures.

If I remember correctly this was called the human wall. If you’ve ever watched a soccer game, this stance should look familiar.

After the wedding I spent some time alone with Carmen and Scott. I love her smile, it’s absolutely infectious.

They got the almost kiss right too!

This was taken during their first dance. The couple tends to look towards me and “pose”, so I love when I have a second photographer with me.

Tracie helped me out with this reception. While the couple “poses” towards me, she’s able to get some absolutely wonderful candids!

This one is mine. I love catching those moments.

Carmen tossed the bouquet halfway to the moon! This was taken just after sunset, so I love the deep, deep blues still left in the sky.

Then came time for Scott to get the garter. The DJ told him he couldn’t use his hands.

Scott tossed the garter pretty well too, but I don’t think it caught as much air as the bouquet did. I love looking in the background and seeing Carmen’s son being hoisted into the air to catch the garter.

I thought the next few shots were hilarious. There were disposable cameras placed on the tables for the guests to use during the reception. I think they have about 30 pictures of me taking photos. This gentleman was the first. Then came little Joshua, and then little Mia. I had snuck up on Mia while she was getting some candy and took her picture. The rest of the night she’d run up to me with one o f the disposable cameras, snap a frame off and exclaim, “I snucked up on you!” It made me smile every time

Carmen and Scott, thank you for asking me to be a part of your special day by capturing the memories as they happened. It was truly a joy and I wish you much happiness together!


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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

This blog entry is serving a dual purpose. I need to post a proof of a custom Easter Card, and I wanted to let everyone know that this is a service I offer!

What a doll this little one was in my studio! I just got mom’s permission to post this in my blog, so here it is!

This is a custom Easter Card designed from her session. I offer custom photo invitations, thank you cards, holiday cards, you name it……I can customize it.

The cards also cost so much less than most would think. I love to design these as a thank you to my clients when they’ve ordered a package! Just ask me………..they’re more affordable than you realize!


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