Seeing Double!

I had the privilege of having twin baby boys in for a sitting this last week! While the boys were getting bottles, I got to capture a few moments with their big sisters…..

When it was the boys turn, we started with the twins together in a bean bag. Working with twins is not just double the challenge, I think it’s more like triple…but well worth it.

I wanted to be sure and get some individual shots of each boy. Here’s just Joe

OOPS…….Joe caught in the act. And people laugh when they hear me joke that it’s a good day at work when I don’t get peed on.

And here’s Nathan alone. His face lit up with a smile each time mom would touch his precious little face.

Nathan being kissed by big sister……

Trying to get both brothers asleep at the same time was quite a challenge! Joe fell asleep first, but Nathan was still WIDE awake!

Yes! Success! They were both asleep for all of 3 minutes!

We finished the day with a few portraits with all 4!

It was a pleasure getting to work with these little ones! I love my job!


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