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A Bride, A Groom, and A Blindfold

On Saturday, May 31, I had the privilege of being the photographer for Michelle and Jonah’s wedding. To me, it is always an honor when someone chooses me as their photographer. This series is from one of my favorite moments of the day…..when the groom first sees the bride.

Michelle and Jonah had decided to take some of their formal posed wedding pictures before the wedding. This prevents guests from having to sit and wait for +/- an hour after the wedding for the reception to start. It also allows the bride and groom to have an alone moment during the day. When a wedding takes place in a church, it is easy to arrange for the first moment the groom is going to see his bride. But, Michelle and Jonah’s wedding was outdoors. We had to plan a way for him not to see her until she wanted him to.

Michelle wanted Jonah to first see her under the giant willow tree. To keep Jonah from seeing her walk up to the tree…….his co-best men (his brothers) blindfolded him.

So, Jonah was blindfolded and ready to see his bride on their wedding day. What we didn’t know is that the girls were going to be delayed in arriving. So Jonah had to stand there blindfolded and wait for his bride.

Jonah’s groomsmen needed something to do to pass the time…..and well, Jonah was an easy target.

He was also the subject of a few photos…..

Finally Michelle arrived. Her mother helped her with the train on her dress. She looked stunning.

Michelle was able to have her moment under the willow tree with her groom. The rest of the pictures tell the story well enough to speak for themselves. One last note….I love the way a groom looks at his bride on a wedding day.

Congratulations Michelle and Jonah! It truly was a pleasure sharing and recording your wedding day.



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