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Belle Ame Pettiskirts

I love having Belle Ame’s Pettiskirts in my studio, and little girls seem to like it even better. They have fun twirling and swirling in front of the camera. It’s amazing how fast shy little girls come out of their shells when these skirts come out!

These are the red and white skirts I’ll be adding to the studio’s stock for Christmas time:


I am placing a new order for these skirts by October 31. If you’d like me to add a specific color and size to my order for you to purchase, please contact me! They make great Christmas gifts! The pettiskirts are available in sizes Newborn-Women’s size 6.

These images are from one of my last sessions with the skirts:






Here are some of the other items available in the Belle Ame Product line:

Mini Petti’s

Print Skirts


Itty Bitty Dancing Petti

Print Dresses


Oodles of Ruffles Tops

One-Piece Dresses

Graphic T-shirts


Two Tone Pettiskirts

Rainbow Pettiskirts

Doll Size Pettiskirts

Solid Raspberry Pettiskirt

Solid Color Pettiskirts

All Chiffon Satin
Binding Pettiskirt

Raspberry Rainbow Pettiskirt

Organdy Top Layer Satin
Binding Pettiskirt

Multi Tier Pettiskirts

Special Occasion Pettiskirts

Lipstick Pink & Turquoise Newborn Pettiskirt

Newborn Pettiskirt

Teen/Junior Pettiskirts

Model is wearing the Skinny Strap White Fluff Tank ~ We offer Skinny Tanks to match all of our Pettiskirts ~

Fluff T-shirts

Hair Accessories

Knit Graphic Dress/Tunics



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Genevieve’s Dance Recital

This Saturday is the Dance Recital for The Dance Company in Kingsburg. My daughter has danced with the studio since the day they opened. She know is a teacher’s aide along with a student at TDC. Friday was her dress rehearsal. Here are a few of my favorite images from the rehearsal…..The first three are numbers that my daughter is in. The last image is from a number called “Cinderella.” My daughter is not in this number, but it was one of my favorite images of the day.





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This one is short and sweet. I love working with children in the studio. I enjoy taking multiple shots and combining them into one piece to capture a more complete glimpse into their personalities! I love my job! This is from a session this past week.


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Seeing Double!

I had the privilege of having twin baby boys in for a sitting this last week! While the boys were getting bottles, I got to capture a few moments with their big sisters…..

When it was the boys turn, we started with the twins together in a bean bag. Working with twins is not just double the challenge, I think it’s more like triple…but well worth it.

I wanted to be sure and get some individual shots of each boy. Here’s just Joe

OOPS…….Joe caught in the act. And people laugh when they hear me joke that it’s a good day at work when I don’t get peed on.

And here’s Nathan alone. His face lit up with a smile each time mom would touch his precious little face.

Nathan being kissed by big sister……

Trying to get both brothers asleep at the same time was quite a challenge! Joe fell asleep first, but Nathan was still WIDE awake!

Yes! Success! They were both asleep for all of 3 minutes!

We finished the day with a few portraits with all 4!

It was a pleasure getting to work with these little ones! I love my job!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

This blog entry is serving a dual purpose. I need to post a proof of a custom Easter Card, and I wanted to let everyone know that this is a service I offer!

What a doll this little one was in my studio! I just got mom’s permission to post this in my blog, so here it is!

This is a custom Easter Card designed from her session. I offer custom photo invitations, thank you cards, holiday cards, you name it……I can customize it.

The cards also cost so much less than most would think. I love to design these as a thank you to my clients when they’ve ordered a package! Just ask me………..they’re more affordable than you realize!


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Congratulations Lisa and Jeff!

This weekend I had the pleasure of being Lisa and Jeff’s wedding photographer. We met before the wedding for the formal photographs. They were married at the Heritage Church of God just east of Kingsburg. I’ve been told the church building is close to 100 years old. The reception was out at The Kingsburg Gun Club.

Here are a few of my favorite images and memories from the day.

After finishing the formal portraits, I headed inside the reception hall to capture a few detail shots. A banner had been made for the couple. I loved this shot…….anyone remember Max, Buff, and Melvin?null
I love asking my couples to pose in the “almost kiss.”’s sometimes a challenge to explain and can take a few tries to achieve the look I’m hoping for. It’s not about the kiss. It’s about the moment just before. Lisa and Jeff got it right the very first shot!
I wish I could take full credit for the next shot, but I can not. So, here’s a huge shout out to my second photographer for the day, Tracie! Tracie has worked quite a few weddings with me. I was setting up the shot to capture it from a different angle. Tracie saw this angle and shot it. I LOVE the way this one turned out. Thanks Tracie!
You never know what’s going to happen when there are children taking part in a wedding. Little Wesley was great. We posed this one group shot with the men and Wesley wearing shades. The one below it is the same photo, just cropped in on Wesley.

Here’s one of Jeff and the ladies.
We had our share of laughs as well.
Both the flowers and the rings were gorgeous.
Lisa walked down the aisle hand in hand with her mom.
Once again, kudos to Tracie for this shot. Tracie was up in the balcony of the church during the ceremony.
I love watching for the little details while a couple is at the alter. I love watching their hands.

I stole the couple from the reception at sunset. This one is all them, not posed……..just a wonderful moment.
Four generations of Wesley. The youngest, “Little Dude,” his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. All named Wesley.
I was told there’s a story behind this shot, and that Jeff would get a kick of this. This gentleman’s wife sought out Tracie to have this shot taken. I think the tattoo on the finger is great.

Lisa and Jeff, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. Congratulations!

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Happy Birthday Quinn!!

Today was an absolute joy for me. One of my first newborn clients is now one year old.  What a joy it is to watch these little ones as they grow up.


Quinn came into the studio this morning.    Boy did we have some fun!

Quinn has had my column in at least one portrait from each session her first year.  Since they’ve all got something in common, at the end we can combine prints from different sittings.

Another column shot

Quinn, now age 1 year old, standing next to a canvas of HERSELF as a newborn taken last year in my studio.


Just Quinn, and my garden bench prop.

Quinn is now starting to walk.

And then came the birthday cake!  mmmmm

Dig in!


I adore this shot!!


In each first birthday session at my studio….I tend to get this “pose” at least once with the cake. 



This is all that was left of that cake!

What a day!

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