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Vegas Baby!


I will be headed to Vegas February 11-18 for a WPPI Conference! (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) I can’t wait to spend the time there learning from the masters. Genevieve is going with me this year! Here are a few of my favorite shots from last year……

The Paris, Las Vegas Hotel…….I want to do a Trash the Dress Session in that fountain!! Any takers?

Paris, Las Vegas

Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas……and a replica of The Winged Victory of Samothrace, one of my favorite sculptures!

I believe these were in the Bellagio. I just knew I liked them!

Lighting Boot Camp with Claude Jodoin – Learned a TON in those two days. Genevieve will be in his class this year!

Learning ambient light techniques………one of the models we worked with during the class and one of my classmates……he loved posing in this shot.


Ambient light…….I love this shot!

Mid-day bright sun combined with portable studio strobes.

Studio lighting……boy that floor was NOT comfy to be laying on for the shot.

Having a bit TOO much fun while working with studio lighting!

At least she was a good sport!

This year I am taking a class put on by two AMAZING photographers….

Rings to Rattles

“By combining their award-winning talents and business knowledge, Kevin Jairaj and Alycia Alvarez are thrilled to offer the ultimate hands-on PLUS class for photographers. Spend two days learning how Kevin and Alycia create their award-winning images, including all of their lighting setups, posing techniques and studio workflow. Unlike other seminars, “Rings to Rattles” will focus not only on one specific genre of photography, but rather, on the entire spectrum. The class will participate in discussions and live photo shoots ranging from bridal portraits and weddings to maternity and a baby’s first year.”
Alycia’s Website
Kevin’s Website


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Wedding Invitations

I had the joy of helping a friend with ordering wedding invitations. I love the company I order my invitations through! They brought in their own photos, I just helped with the design. Here’s a preview of what the invitation will look like:

I wanted to help them come up with a nice idea for their registry cards. It always bothers me when I open a wedding invitation and 5 cards fall out of the invitation telling me where the couple is registered. So…here’s the solution we came up with. These will be the size of a business card, two sides…full color. They are designed to compliment the invitation!

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back:

AND 250 cards is only $45! Design fee included!
I think it’s a great compromise. The couple is still able to let people know where they are registered…..but with style!

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My Photos on Fireflight’s Myspace

Wednesday morning I took my daughter to have breakfast with the Christian Rock Band, Fireflight at KDUV FM 88.9 in Visalia. We had a good time! It was great to meet the band members, and I got to take some neat pictures.

Wednesday night I went with my daughter, Genevieve, to the Fireflight and Abandon (and A Current Affair) concert at Immanuel High School in Reedley. I was able to shoot at the concert as well. My daughter even shot from where she was…..which is where all the teenagers wanted to be, belly to the stage. I have posted a few photos from the events here on facebook, and a few on my myspace…..but they are ALL on my website.HERE

Yesterday I was contacted by Fireflight’s and Abandon’s management company nightVision Artist Management asking permission to use some of my photos. I of course agreed. I had simply gone and shot for fun…matter of fact, I had a blast shooting that night. They agreed to leave my copyright mark and website address on the photos. They’re even posting some of Genevieve’s photos!

The photos are all being uploaded to the bands’ various websites today.

Fireflight’s Myspace

Abandon’s Myspace

Ok, so there’s my news. I’m excited! I had to share!

This is one of Genevieve’s shots that they have posted.


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Last week my daughter woke up early every day to listen to the radio station and try to win the contest they were running. KDUV FM would play a song by Fireflight in the morning and the ninth caller would win the opportunity to go to the station and have breakfast with Cari the DJ, and Fireflight, a Christian rock band. Genevieve would listen for the song and then attempt to dial in using three phones. She finally won. She needed someone to drive her, so I was the lucky one who got to go.

It was a blast getting to meet the band. They are very approachable, and very gracious. I was able to take photos of the morning.

Dawn singing live on air.

Fireflight and the “winners”

Genevieve and Fireflight

Justin and Dawn joking with Cari while she’s on the air. Cari didn’t miss a beat.

Genevieve also won tickets to the concert that night. She and I went. When we got there, the event organizer gave me an all access pass. I was able to get some great shots standing on the wings of the stage!

Two other bands opened for Fireflight, A Current Affair and Abandon. I’ll post some of those shots another day. Genevieve also got some great shots as well. I think I’ll feature some of her work in my blog tomorrow.

Dawn during the concert.

Wendy on Bass.

Justin on guitar.

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Senior Portraits Football Style

Yesterday I had another Senior Portrait Session. Due to weather this appointment has been postponed a few times. I was glad to see sunshine this time!

I’ve learned that sometimes the best images come from trying new things. I’m always thankful for clients that will let me be a bit creative and try out new ideas. Today was one of those days. I will be uploading the rest of the images later in the week, but wanted to get my favorite posted right away. I shot a few of Kingsburg’s home football games from the sidelines this past season. Knowing I would be shooting Jason’s senior portraits, I made sure to get a few shots of him on the field.

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Senior Portraits at the Beach

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a client in Pismo Beach for round 2 of his Senior Portraits. The shoot started about 4pm and went til sunset about 5:15. It was a gorgeous sunset!

I didn’t plan on getting wet. (I know…’s the beach, should have planned for it anyway.) I ended up soaked. Once the first wave really got me, it didn’t matter much anymore, so at times I was hip deep in the water wearing jeans, holding my camera WAY over my head as the waves came. I should have had someone get a picture of me taking the pictures!

I wanted a silhouette shot of and his surf board. Here’s one of those shots. The wave that’s in this shot is NOTHING compared to the ones that got me yesterday!

It truly was a lot of fun shooting these yesterday, and completely worth being cold and wet for some of the shots. I hope they like them as much as I do when they’re uploaded in a few days!

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Larger than Life

Yesterday I received all of the prints that I am going to use in my bridal show booth on Sunday. They range in size from 8×12 inches all the way to 24×30 inches. Getting to see some of my shots that big is fantastic. I have a number of clients that will come in to my studio to order prints and tell me they want to order something “really big”………maybe an 8×10.” I get so excited thinking I get to see it 20×24, and then my hopes are crushed with “8×10.” Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with 8x10s. There’s just something “wow” about the larger prints.

The prints were delivered to The UPS Store here in Kingsburg. I think the ladies that work in there must think I’m crazy. I can’t wait to open my packages when I pick them up. Sometimes I open the boxes while I’m still there to peek inside.

I have mounted all the prints and will be using them to hang as a background to my booth on Sunday. Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like when it’s all done…but imagine….. 9 feet wide!!

See you there!

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