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Jump For My Love

I have been waiting the longest time to shoot a wedding out at the The Victorian Gardens of Two Sisters. This past weekend the wait ended.

I had the privilege of shooting Randi and Derricks wedding on Saturday the ninth of August. It was a beautiful ceremony. And Randi was a very beautiful bride.

One of the shots I’d had in mind to take at that location was an indoor Bridal Portrait. In other parts of the country the bride gets her dress early and has a whole “Bridal Session” with a photographer. There is just not usually time on the wedding day to get the kind of photos that can be done during a dedicated Bridal Session. I certainly wish the tradition of the Bridal Session would make it’s way to Central California! Most of the time here a bride will get her dress only a day or two before the wedding.

Here are two versions of one of the Bridal Portraits taken indoors at the Victorian Gardens.

Not only was it a beautiful ceremony, but the Bridal Party was a fun group. It can make shooting a wedding a blast when you have a fun group that isn’t afraid to do things a little bit differently. I knew after these moments that at least the gals in the wedding would be up to taking some fun shots:

So, another first of mine……JUMP! I’ve seen other photographers that have taken these great fun jumping shots. I’d now like to know exactly how many shots it took them to get everyone to jump at the same time? The girls jumped first.

Ready? 1…….2…………3……………


Great…….except, not everyone’s off the ground at the same time, and I don’t think they want flowers in front of their faces. Let’s try it again.


OK, but still not the perfect jumping shot. One more try……..


That’s more like it! Now of course the guys wanted in on some of the fun. Here’s their “Cool” shot. I love the ring bearers expression.

OK guys, let’s see if you can do better at jumping than the gals…….


Uh oh…..Of all people not to be off the ground, it’s the groom. That means it’s time for take 2.


Not bad! One more for good measure…….


Now I’m up for a challenge……..the ENTIRE Wedding Party.


Thanks to everyone in the wedding party for being willing to JUMP, and JUMP……and one more time, JUMP again!

One last shot to share with you all. I had a request from the bride for this shot, I had to throw in the ring bearer! What a strong little guy he was!

On a serious note, thank you Randi and Derrick for letting me be part of your very special day. It was a beautiful day! Congratulations!



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