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16 Years and a Cemetery

Jeff and I celebrated our 16th anniversary on Friday the 23rd. He was in San Francisco for business, so I went along. I love San Francisco. Not so much the “tourist” side of the city….but the little places most tourists never discover.

My Aunt and Uncle lived in the city when I was a child. I used to love going to visit them. They began to introduce me to the wonders of the city. I had been to the ACT Theater (A Christmas Carol) on a field trip with a Church music group when I was very young, but not until my Aunt and Uncle took me to Les Miserables did my love of the theater begin.

Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the tourist spots as well. Mainly the museums. I love the deYoung in Golden Gate Park. The history in the Asian Art Museum is incredible. Spending an afternoon in the Museum of Modern Art is always an adventure. There are many places I love to take my camera in the city. The Japanese Tea Garden is always a beautiful spot for photogrpahy.

Until recently my dad lived in the Bay Area. He and I used to wander around with our cameras. After a day of shooting we’d go back to his place and compare shots. I was quite sad when he moved away from the area.

Then perhaps comes an oddity about me. This past Thursday while Jeff was in conferences, I hung out in one of my absolute favorite places with my camera. It was a great day of stress relief and beauty. I love to spend time alone with my camera in old cemeteries. Thursday I spent most of the afternoon in Colma, CA. Colma is known for having a larger dead and buried population than alive. 73% of the land in Colma is used by cemeteries. I wish I had the time to visit more than one cemetery there, but I did not. I spent my time in the Italian Cemetery. Photos from the day can be found HERE


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