Congratulations Lisa and Jeff!

This weekend I had the pleasure of being Lisa and Jeff’s wedding photographer. We met before the wedding for the formal photographs. They were married at the Heritage Church of God just east of Kingsburg. I’ve been told the church building is close to 100 years old. The reception was out at The Kingsburg Gun Club.

Here are a few of my favorite images and memories from the day.

After finishing the formal portraits, I headed inside the reception hall to capture a few detail shots. A banner had been made for the couple. I loved this shot…….anyone remember Max, Buff, and Melvin?null
I love asking my couples to pose in the “almost kiss.”’s sometimes a challenge to explain and can take a few tries to achieve the look I’m hoping for. It’s not about the kiss. It’s about the moment just before. Lisa and Jeff got it right the very first shot!
I wish I could take full credit for the next shot, but I can not. So, here’s a huge shout out to my second photographer for the day, Tracie! Tracie has worked quite a few weddings with me. I was setting up the shot to capture it from a different angle. Tracie saw this angle and shot it. I LOVE the way this one turned out. Thanks Tracie!
You never know what’s going to happen when there are children taking part in a wedding. Little Wesley was great. We posed this one group shot with the men and Wesley wearing shades. The one below it is the same photo, just cropped in on Wesley.

Here’s one of Jeff and the ladies.
We had our share of laughs as well.
Both the flowers and the rings were gorgeous.
Lisa walked down the aisle hand in hand with her mom.
Once again, kudos to Tracie for this shot. Tracie was up in the balcony of the church during the ceremony.
I love watching for the little details while a couple is at the alter. I love watching their hands.

I stole the couple from the reception at sunset. This one is all them, not posed……..just a wonderful moment.
Four generations of Wesley. The youngest, “Little Dude,” his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. All named Wesley.
I was told there’s a story behind this shot, and that Jeff would get a kick of this. This gentleman’s wife sought out Tracie to have this shot taken. I think the tattoo on the finger is great.

Lisa and Jeff, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. Congratulations!


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