Lindsey and Raymond

Sunday afternoon I met Lindsey and Raymond up in Fresno. I will be shooting their wedding in two weeks. I love to get together with couples before the wedding for an engagement session. For me the best thing about an engagement session is that the couple and the photographer get a chance to better know one another a bit. As the photographer I get to see how comfortable they are in front of the camera. I get to find out if someone chronically blinks….etc.

Tracie, who sometimes shoots second with me, was with me. We spent 1 1/2 hours driving around downtown Fresno scoping locations. I can’t wait to go back and shoot in some of the other locations we found today.

We met in downtown Fresno for a bit of an urban grunge setting. Then we headed to Playland in Roeding Park for some other shots and a bit of fun. 30 minutes before closing we went into Storyland for some shots as well.

The urban/grunge setting….(I love this shot)

A little bit of fun….

Inside Storyland. This is one of many taken there.

Lindsey and Raymond, I can’t wait to shoot the wedding. It’s been a joy getting to know you. See you in 2 weeks!


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