Paisley Saddles Up!

What a wonderful week it’s been.   I’ve had a studio full of precious little newborns!   Honestly newborn appointments are my absolute favorite.

A lot of people ask me how I get the shots that I do with the little ones.    Baby, and mom/dad can count on being in my studio for 2-3 hours.   We work on baby’s schedule.   If baby needs to stop and eat, we stop.   I have a big soft rocking chair that mom or dad (and sometimes grandma) can sit and feed the little one.   It is a very different experience than going to a chain photo studio.   Baby and mom/dad are not rushed in and out.   They have my full attention while they are with me.

I wanted to share one of my favorite images from today.   Little Paisley came in to my studio today.   Almost 1 year after her little cousin Quinn made her debut in my studio.   A canvas of Quinn graces my studio to this day.   Paisley came in today with a saddle.   This was a first in my studio, but I’m loving the results!   Jamie, thank you for trusting me with your precious little one today!   What a joy it was!

Here’s something to think about from today’s session…..

I love my new photo handbags! And WHAT’S THAT? OH…’s a belt buckle. Just a sneak peek into my newest product line. PHOTO JEWELRY! More details to come soon!


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