Sharing My Passion With My Daughter

As much as I love photography, there is something I love even more.  That is sharing that love with my daughter, Genevieve.  She’s a freshman this school year, and taking a photography class at her high school from a friend of mine.  Her current “theme” to study is low light photography.  She is having to capture a few specific subjects in her shots.  


The first subject she’s required to capture is people.  She will be turning in shots from the Fireflight – Abandon – A Current Affair concert that I’ve talked about in my previous blogs.


The second subject she’s required to capture is passing cars.  You all would have thought us nuts to find us on the freeway overpass at 11pm last week.  It was actually pretty creepy being up there that late at night alone.  I kept waiting for someone to call the police department and report a suicidal jumper on the overpass.  Just incase, I had let them know in advance that we’d be up there.


Here’s one of her best shots:

Last night we headed down to the studio for her candlelight assignment.  We were down there until about midnight.  A friend met us down there with some extra “props.”


Here are some of my favorite of her shots from last night:






Genevieve will be going with me to WPPI in Las Vegas next week.  I can’t wait to spend an entire week with her sharing my passion with her!


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