Wedding Invitations

I had the joy of helping a friend with ordering wedding invitations. I love the company I order my invitations through! They brought in their own photos, I just helped with the design. Here’s a preview of what the invitation will look like:

I wanted to help them come up with a nice idea for their registry cards. It always bothers me when I open a wedding invitation and 5 cards fall out of the invitation telling me where the couple is registered. So…here’s the solution we came up with. These will be the size of a business card, two sides…full color. They are designed to compliment the invitation!

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back:

AND 250 cards is only $45! Design fee included!
I think it’s a great compromise. The couple is still able to let people know where they are registered…..but with style!


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  1. Barbara Cooper

    I love it you will be doing my Dauther’s Invition’s and everything,But she not engaged yet,but some day.Thanks for getting back to me,Barbara Cooper

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