My Photos on Fireflight’s Myspace

Wednesday morning I took my daughter to have breakfast with the Christian Rock Band, Fireflight at KDUV FM 88.9 in Visalia. We had a good time! It was great to meet the band members, and I got to take some neat pictures.

Wednesday night I went with my daughter, Genevieve, to the Fireflight and Abandon (and A Current Affair) concert at Immanuel High School in Reedley. I was able to shoot at the concert as well. My daughter even shot from where she was…..which is where all the teenagers wanted to be, belly to the stage. I have posted a few photos from the events here on facebook, and a few on my myspace…..but they are ALL on my website.HERE

Yesterday I was contacted by Fireflight’s and Abandon’s management company nightVision Artist Management asking permission to use some of my photos. I of course agreed. I had simply gone and shot for fun…matter of fact, I had a blast shooting that night. They agreed to leave my copyright mark and website address on the photos. They’re even posting some of Genevieve’s photos!

The photos are all being uploaded to the bands’ various websites today.

Fireflight’s Myspace

Abandon’s Myspace

Ok, so there’s my news. I’m excited! I had to share!

This is one of Genevieve’s shots that they have posted.



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