Last week my daughter woke up early every day to listen to the radio station and try to win the contest they were running. KDUV FM would play a song by Fireflight in the morning and the ninth caller would win the opportunity to go to the station and have breakfast with Cari the DJ, and Fireflight, a Christian rock band. Genevieve would listen for the song and then attempt to dial in using three phones. She finally won. She needed someone to drive her, so I was the lucky one who got to go.

It was a blast getting to meet the band. They are very approachable, and very gracious. I was able to take photos of the morning.

Dawn singing live on air.

Fireflight and the “winners”

Genevieve and Fireflight

Justin and Dawn joking with Cari while she’s on the air. Cari didn’t miss a beat.

Genevieve also won tickets to the concert that night. She and I went. When we got there, the event organizer gave me an all access pass. I was able to get some great shots standing on the wings of the stage!

Two other bands opened for Fireflight, A Current Affair and Abandon. I’ll post some of those shots another day. Genevieve also got some great shots as well. I think I’ll feature some of her work in my blog tomorrow.

Dawn during the concert.

Wendy on Bass.

Justin on guitar.


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