Senior Portraits at the Beach

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a client in Pismo Beach for round 2 of his Senior Portraits. The shoot started about 4pm and went til sunset about 5:15. It was a gorgeous sunset!

I didn’t plan on getting wet. (I know…’s the beach, should have planned for it anyway.) I ended up soaked. Once the first wave really got me, it didn’t matter much anymore, so at times I was hip deep in the water wearing jeans, holding my camera WAY over my head as the waves came. I should have had someone get a picture of me taking the pictures!

I wanted a silhouette shot of and his surf board. Here’s one of those shots. The wave that’s in this shot is NOTHING compared to the ones that got me yesterday!

It truly was a lot of fun shooting these yesterday, and completely worth being cold and wet for some of the shots. I hope they like them as much as I do when they’re uploaded in a few days!


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  1. Amanda Curtsinger

    I would love a 5×7 pic of the top picture of this blog. It is so beautiful!

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