Space………the Final Frontier

I am in the process of looking for a retail space to open up a studio space in Kingsburg.  My dilema?  Trying to find a space that is within the price range of a start up business that won’t require me to sign my life away for five years. 

 Today I talked to someone with 1100 square feet.  Comes ready to move in except for paint and floor covering.  Granted it is in new construction, but they want 1.65/sq. ft for rent and .35/sq ft. for maintenance.  They also would require me to sign my life away for 5 years.  And if the business struggles?  Too bad, I’m on the hook for 5 years…their suggestion was that I could then sub lease the space.  So….1100 sq ft. = $2200/month for five years…, wait I forgot the 3% included annual increase.

 Another location is just shy of 900 square feet.  Again, new construction.  They are asking 2.00/sq. ft + .50/sq ft maintenance.  They want me to sign my life away for three years.  So 900 sq. ft = $2250/month for Three years.

I had been looking into a place downtown that quoted me .45-.65/sq ft.  It would be close to down town.  People could walk by and see the portrait samples in the window.  I got word yesterday that they are not doing anything with that building anytime soon and that I should look somewhere else.

 I am going tomorrow to go look at a little place.  I’m excited but nervous at the same time.  I’m afraid it might be too small.  But, at the same time, it might be just right for a start up location.  The outside is cute as a bug……….that would be great for a photography studio.  I’m afraid that the ceiling might be too low and that it might be divided into too small of rooms for my use.

 The search continues…….I just need a small space and someone willing to help out a new business owner get started.  *sigh* 


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  1. Rianne

    Great work.

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